Cyanotype, Van Dyke, Watercolor, Oil

Artist Statement

My work is about the evolution of the family farm. I create layers of memories and reality in the form of photographic images and antique photo processes. I believe that everything has worth. 

The process uses photographic chemicals invented in 1840, cyanotype and van-dyke. I collect images from my family farm and my rural central Iowa community. The chemicals take to any organic material, like paper, fabric, or wood.  When applied with a brush, they stain and bleed the materials in their own ways (responding to water tension, the flow of liquid, gravity, etc). When dry, I expose the chemicals with digital negatives in the sun. When developed, they create a permanent yet ethereal record of our roots, made of the wild and the domestic simultaneously. 

I desire to explore the space of our lost past and hopeful future, and then settle there. 


"The world is no better than its places. Places are no better than their people. When people make dark the light within them, the world darkens."   -Wendell Berry